Best N' Affordable Driving School Principles (We have updated our name to: Easy & Affordable Driving School)

  • "First In Safety"

Best N' Affordable Driving School is founded base on a very simple principles. We believed that a good driver is a safe and cautious drivers.

We want to make sure the students that learn from us also shared this view.

Company Information:

  • We are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicle and the state of California as a professional driving school.

  • Every instructors are licensed by DMV as a professional driving instructor.

  • We are fully licensed and fully bonded driving school.

  • Our school address is:

         275 6th Avenue, Suite 108

         California 94118


          DMV License # E2002

      To contact us:

      Our Headquarter Address: 275th 6 Ave. Suite 108  California. 94118

        Phone:  1-800-884-7122


Company Information

A Professional Educational Company.

CA. Department of Motor Vehicle License # E2002

Tel: 1-800-884-7122

California DMV Licensed Professional School

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